Business Leads From Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

Business Leads From Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

In the pre-internet days of advertising, a multi-channel marketing plan consisted simply of a television or radio commercial and a print ad in either the newspaper or a magazine, brochure or flyer, or maybe even an occasional billboard. Sure, there were some general demographics guiding the placement of these ads, but they were more general, such as female vs. male, adults vs. kids. Advertising was a little more simplistic. The media choices were few, so the question primarily a matter of when to advertise to these general demographics. What comes to mind is the number of at-home moms with the television playing in the soap opera heyday - perfect time to advertise tv dinners and cleaning products. Or what about those commercials served up during sporting events? Cars and beer, trying to appeal to generally a male demographic.

Today, as we know, there are so many more options on what medium to use to reach your target audience. To…

5 Ways a Loyalty Program Can Build Your Business

Keep Customers Happy with a Loyalty Program Keeping customers returning to your business can often be a challenge in this digital world. It's more common than not that customers will have done research online before making purchases. Sometimes what they find will be enough to cause them to switch to one of your competitors. Loyalty programs, sometimes known as reward programs or incentive programs, can help you retain your customers and solidify the relationship they have with your company. Here are five reasons to consider instituting a customer loyalty program. If you currently have one, you can review this list to make sure it is accomplishing all five of the following outcomes.

Encourage repeat shopping
Customers who participate in loyalty programs are more motivated to become repeat shoppers because you're giving them something in return for patronizing your business. Living in a suburb, I have more than a few options of grocery stores. Meijer keeps me coming back by givi…

Google My Business

Search Engine Marketing For Small Business

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business is a local search listing for your company that improves your search engine marketing. It allows you to manage your online presence and includes features like Google Maps. With one profile, you can manage up to 10 locations. If you have more than 10 locations, then you can use Google My Business Locations dashboard.It's like having a Yellow Pages ad, but better, because it's tied into the Google search engine. Best of all, there is no charge for your listing in Google My Business. Who could say no to what amounts to free advertising?

How does it work?
Simply complete a business profile. Provide information about your company name, location, phone, hours, and description. Your listing will appear across all Google platforms, like search engine results, Local Pack, Maps, and Google reviews. In addition to the information above, you can enhance your listing by adding photos and customer revie…