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Beat Complacency with Urgency for Business Success

As anyone who has started a business can tell you, there's a certain urgency in those early days. You're organizing your company, you're marketing your product or service, you're doing whatever it takes to get your business up and running and be successful. The same thing happens in established organizations as people create and deliver new products and services. It's often an intense and heady time, and when a project is complete or a product successfully launched, it is natural to want to sit back, take a breather, and bask a little in that success.

I don't know that we recognized it for the danger that it was to our success at the time, but we have been guilty of falling into a state of complacency. "We've finally made it," we thought. "We can slow down now and settle into a routine of fulfilling orders. We've beaten the competition."

At the time, we didn't realize the consequences of this thinking. Complacency leads to a des…