Rocket Fuel Small Budget Campaigns

Small Business Display Advertising-Marketing That Learns

Rocket Fuel Small Business Chart

What Is Rocket Fuel?

Rocket Fuel is a predictive marketing and advertising technology that uses artificial intelligence and big data to anticipate and identify consumer wants and needs. 

In other words Rocket Fuel has the capability to learn about and target who is shopping for your products and services and at the moment they are most likely to engage. 

The Process:

  1. Rocket Fuel learns where and when the consumer engages such as time of day and internet destination
  2. Rocket Fuel learns whether they engage on desktop or mobile. No need for separate campaigns (mobile vs. desktop)
  3. Rocket Fuel serves display ads to the consumer in their best place, best time and best device and directs them to your website or landing page for engagement. The amount of ads displayed varies by prospect. One prospect may take fifty impressions while another may take two hundred before engaging

The Results

Less impressions needed to engage over time with reduced cost per impression and increased conversion and leads.

Rocket Fuel predictive marketing is not right for every business. Is it right for yours?

Contact us for a consultation and evaluation. We'll help determine if there is a fit and if it can improve your results.