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Mobile Marketing

In a recent conversation, we were polling who among us still had their home landlines. A few did, but most of us have switched to exclusively mobile phones. Mobile phones are now the norm rather than the exception of not so long ago.

What does that mean for your business? It means your website must be mobile friendly in order to capture the attention and interest of your customers and prospects. More and more people are using their mobile devices to make real-time decisions like deciding where to go to eat or what store carries an item they need or want to purchase right now. Companies need to be able to accommodate user searches.

It is important that content loads quickly on your site. Customers who are forced to wait will click away from your page to find another that will give them what they want in less time. If you are the only provider of the product or service the consumer is interested in, you're going to start out with an already frustrated customer. Social media marketi…

Social Media Success Stories: Insurance Industry

Today we look at how the insurance industry is engaging in social media.

Insurance companies and their agents use social media in its various platforms to build brand recognition and develop customer relationships. They share information, thereby positioning themselves as experts in the insurance industry. They also use social media to respond to customer complaints. Here are some examples:
American Family Insurance has a YouTube channel where it feature videos on what you typically might expect - insurance tips and the products they sell - but also videos related to creating your dream home. This approach works because they will assert they are in the business of protecting that dream home should something go wrong.New York Life started a #keepgoodgoing campaign on Twitter in 2012 that is still going strong today. Their goal was to "celebrate the good in people's lives". This campaign builds community, customer relationships, and adds a more interesting human side to th…

Social Media Marketing Success Story

This week we will look at some companies and industries that have successfully used social media marketing. Today we look at a car dealership.

Company: Discovery Honda - Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

Social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest

Strategy: Post tweets and links.

Story: The employee responsible for maintaining the social media plan at Discovery Honda placed high value on listening to what people were saying about the organization and responding to those people. One day, a customer was at the dealership waiting for a vehicle repair. As she waited, she tweeted about the Honda Ridgeline on the showroom floor and how impressed she was by its appearance. The social media manager saw the tweet and responded with, "So how would you like to take the Ridgeline for a test drive?" Imagine the customer's surprise at the immediacy of the response. The customer took her up on the offer and took the vehicle for a test drive. In the process, she tweete…

Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 10

Today's tip is the final one in our series of ten social media marketing tips for your business. This one can be difficult, but if you don't do it, you may cause more damage to your business than if you hadn't implemented a social media marketing strategy at all.

What is this all important tip? Simply that you must maintain all your social media channels with updated and relevant content. Post regularly and consistently. There's probably nothing worse when it comes to social media than a customer or prospect visiting your site and seeing that you haven't posted in weeks or months. Some may assume that you have gone out of business.

Social media is an opportunity to engage with your customers. If they're trying to talk to you and you're not responding, the odds are pretty good that they will take their business to a company that values them enough to enter into the conversation and/or address their concerns.

Review your channels regularly. Develop your soci…

Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 9.

Today's tip: Optimization Strategy Review.

Today we summarize the steps needed to optimize social media content.

Analyze your business and determine your social media marketing goals. Decide which social media channels you will use.Build the social media accounts.Develop your content marketing strategy and create a publishing schedule.Create strong content - videos, blog posts, podcasts, tweets.Share your content on the social websites.Follow others on social media and engage with those you follow. Analyze the results.Repeat the process
Follow these steps to create greater visibility for your brand across social networks and search engines.

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Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 8

Today's tip: Tune in to and identify the trends.

What is now happening in your industry and/or the world? You know these trends affect your business. Incorporating them into your social media strategy will position you as an expert, as someone who is aware of what the current issues and interests of consumers as they relate to your business.

What do you do with this information? You can write about a topic in a blog, tweet about it on Twitter, and  write a post on your Facebook page. Some topics may lend themselves easily to photos and graphics, which you can post on Instagram and Snapchat. These examples relate primarily to consumers. You can also choose topics to share with others in your industry and post on or participate in discussions on LinkedIn.

Sample topics that people are talking about today:

Insurance providers: Obamacare, open enrollment

Restaurant owners: "Clean" menus, vegetarian and vegan options, high-speed food delivery

Health club: Fitness trackers, h…

Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 7

Today's tip: Blog.

There are about 200 million blogs out there in cyberspace today. If you're on the web, you're probably reading and/or interacting with a blog daily.

Arthur Germain from Communications Strategies Group said, "Brandtelling is built on the foundation of connecting people through a story that is relevant, real, and repeatable." That pretty much sums up the definition of good content - relevant, real, and repeatable. Because it is all about the content. According to a survey by Hubspot, 60% of businesses who blog get more customers.

Good content will help you build your brand. How?

It will help drive traffic to your website.It helps convert traffic into leads.It positions you as an expert in your industry. If you're a small business, you can develop the same credibility as a larger company.It works to rank you in search engines long after people have read it and moved on to your next post.Blogs help build relationships. Customers can comment on yo…

Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 6

Today's tip: Foster a network of advocates and influencers.

What or who are advocates and influencers? Advocates are those people who have an affinity for your brand and who are trusted by your target market in a way that you as the brand cannot command. There's a statistic out there that says 92% of consumers rely on referrals from people they know above all else. Advocates can be current customers, but they can also be your employees or partners.

When selecting advocates, ask yourself if they understand and can speak accurately about your brand. Are they storytellers, network builders, or rising stars? What value will they add to your brand if you engage with them and they with others? What kind of compensation might they want? This is not always monetary. It may be in the form of acknowledgement or some other recognition. For example, you can help a blogger grow by promoting their blog on your own social media channels.

Influencers are those "web celebrities" wh…

Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 5

Today's tip: Create a social media content strategy

We touched on this in Tip #4, but today we'll talk a little more specifically on how to use the various social media channels.

Facebook - We'll assume you are operating a Facebook page for your business outside of your personal page. Your business page should feature posts that are more professional in nature than you see on the personal side. By all means show off your company's personality. Just make sure your posts align with the culture of your organization.

Twitter: You can use Twitter with several goals in mind. You can use it to network by following others on Twitter and responding to their tweets. Market your business by announcing special promotions, events, or promoting your other social media. channels. Run contests, giveaways, and polls to increase engagement.

LinkedIn: This channel is for your professional networking. Here's where you can show off your expertise. Join pertinent communities and partic…

Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 4

Today's tip: Make your marketing efforts more focused.

Once you have determined which social media channels you will participate in, it's time to start creating content that speaks to your customers. This won't be like your personal Facebook page where you post whenever you're feeling inspired, in a sharing mood, or in reaction to another's post. You're going to want to spend some time planning a content marketing strategy.

Here's what needs to be included in that strategy:

1) Goals or mission - Determine what you are trying to achieve through the use of social media. An increase in revenues? Increase in conversion rates? Higher percent of engagement with your customers? What the goal should not be: Number of Likes in Facebook or Followers on Twitter or anything similar to this.

2) Target audience - We talked about this in Tip #3. There are statistics out there so you can see where your buyers are spending their time online. However, first you need to defi…

Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 3

Today's tip: You don't have to be everywhere and do everything.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Snapchat. There's more, but is that enough to get you feeling a little overwhelmed? Add the diversity of demographics for each social network and your head might really be spinning.

How do you decide which channels to use? The answer is to first determine who your customers are. (Hopefully you have already done this for your business and are well aware of your demographics.)

Secondly, look at the demographics of each of the social media networks you are considering to see whether or not those are the same people you are targeting.

Some August 2015 statistics from PEW Research Center to help you get started:

Choose the media that are most relevant to the demographics of the people who purchase your goods or services. While you want to get your media channels up and running without delay, depending on your resources, you may need to ge…