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5 Ways a Loyalty Program Can Build Your Business

Keep Customers Happy with a Loyalty Program Keeping customers returning to your business can often be a challenge in this digital world. It's more common than not that customers will have done research online before making purchases. Sometimes what they find will be enough to cause them to switch to one of your competitors. Loyalty programs, sometimes known as reward programs or incentive programs, can help you retain your customers and solidify the relationship they have with your company. Here are five reasons to consider instituting a customer loyalty program. If you currently have one, you can review this list to make sure it is accomplishing all five of the following outcomes.

Encourage repeat shopping
Customers who participate in loyalty programs are more motivated to become repeat shoppers because you're giving them something in return for patronizing your business. Living in a suburb, I have more than a few options of grocery stores. Meijer keeps me coming back by givi…

Google My Business

Search Engine Marketing For Small Business

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business is a local search listing for your company that improves your search engine marketing. It allows you to manage your online presence and includes features like Google Maps. With one profile, you can manage up to 10 locations. If you have more than 10 locations, then you can use Google My Business Locations dashboard.It's like having a Yellow Pages ad, but better, because it's tied into the Google search engine. Best of all, there is no charge for your listing in Google My Business. Who could say no to what amounts to free advertising?

How does it work?
Simply complete a business profile. Provide information about your company name, location, phone, hours, and description. Your listing will appear across all Google platforms, like search engine results, Local Pack, Maps, and Google reviews. In addition to the information above, you can enhance your listing by adding photos and customer revie…

Why Incentive Programs Work

Incentive Programs For Loyalty and Retention 
From the time we are children, incentives are used to encourage us to behave in a particular way. Eat your dinner, and you can have dessert. Brush your teeth and earn a sticker. Get your chores done, and you can stay up an extra half hour. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't. It all depended on the incentive and how much that incentive meant to us.
As adults, it's really no different today. We still respond to incentives. And we do so in our various roles - as customers, employees, and business channel partners. What has remained the same is that if the incentive is meaningless to us as individuals, we're going to be less inclined to engage in the desired behavior that the reward is hoping to elicit.
I want to look at three different segments and give you some thoughts on how incentive/rewards marketing works for them. These three groups are: customers, employees, and channel partners.
We know that today'…

My Next Set of Tires

This is a post about delivering value to a customer even when it's at a direct cost without any direct compensation to the company.

I have a light remodel project going on in my basement at home. On multiple occasions, we carried out torn-out drywall to the trash cans at the end of the driveway for the next day’s garbage pickup. Somehow nails went astray and landed on the drive. I started seeing symptoms of this a couple of months back, but didn't realize what had happened until this week.

I've been driving around with a slow leak in my front tire and put off checking into getting repaired. I kind of dread sitting around an auto repair facility waiting repairs, hence the procrastination. More recently, my daughter’s car started seeing this very same symptom, except at a more rapid pace.

I realized that I needed to take action, promptly! I wanted to avoid that call from her that said, "I have a flat tire. What do I do?”

I called the Discount Tire store in Bloomingd…