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Account Based Marketing to Target Your Best Customers

Account Based Marketing

What exactly is account based marketing?
Are you thinking, "Don't I already market to my customers, especially to my best customers?" If you're already doing B2B marketing, you're probably doing some version of account based marketing.

To get a better idea of what account based marketing looks like, consider one marketer's analogy. Traditional marketing is like casting a wide net to catch fish (your customers), while account based marketing is "like fishing with a spear". Another description is personalized attention to an account to nurture the relationship with that organization.

Account based marketing synchronizes your marketing and sales forces and coordinates their work with an account with the ultimate goal of filling your pipeline and increasing revenues.

What are the benefits of using an account based marketing strategy?
In account based marketing, a customer account, that is, the company, is treated as its own market.…

Business Leads From Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

Business Leads From Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

In the pre-internet days of advertising, a multi-channel marketing plan consisted simply of a television or radio commercial and a print ad in either the newspaper or a magazine, brochure or flyer, or maybe even an occasional billboard. Sure, there were some general demographics guiding the placement of these ads, but they were more general, such as female vs. male, adults vs. kids. Advertising was a little more simplistic. The media choices were few, so the question primarily a matter of when to advertise to these general demographics. What comes to mind is the number of at-home moms with the television playing in the soap opera heyday - perfect time to advertise tv dinners and cleaning products. Or what about those commercials served up during sporting events? Cars and beer, trying to appeal to generally a male demographic.

Today, as we know, there are so many more options on what medium to use to reach your target audience. To…