Social Media Marketing Tips: Day 2


Today’s Tip: Go mobile.

Here are some statistics: 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information. 61% of those users call a business after doing their research and 59% of actually go visit the business in person. 90% of these users act within 24 hours. These are some pretty compelling numbers. There are also statistics out there that show that mobile users spend more money on a site than desktop users.

What does this mean for your business? For starters, your website must be mobile. Users are looking for fast loading pages, easy navigation, and great content. They are looking for convenience, accessibility, and immediacy. If you do have a mobile website but it is not working properly, 46% of those who visit it will not return.

You may hear the term “responsive website” bandied about. That simply means your website needs to be optimized so it can be viewed on any device and any size screen. You don’t know if someone will be viewing your site on a smartphone or tablet, and it will be frustrating to the user if he or she has to scroll left to right or pinch and enlarge just to read your content. You want your users to have nothing but positive experiences.

With mobile website usage continuing to surpass desktop usage, Google is giving priority to mobile friendly websites. This change impacts searches in all languages worldwide and accompanying Google Search results. If your site is not responsive, count on it hurting your search engine ranking.

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