How We Arrived Where We Are Today


Since 1993, we have evolved from mainly print-based marketing, printing solutions, and promotional products to a multi-channel services provider. Most of our projects until about 2006 consisted primarily of catalog development, design, print services, and the first on-demand personalized calendar printing website on the internet. We operated a production studio to photograph customer products and retouch as needed with Photoshop for insertion into catalog or fliers we designed. We normally handled these projects as a project manager from start to finish, including the printing.

We designed variable data printing and custom layouts before there was readily available out-of-the-box software. Printing companies in the area would come to us for these services as some lacked the expertise or resources to complete these jobs in a timely manner. One of the variable data layouts we created back in 2005 for a manufactured printed product is still in use today.

Our custom designed variable data layouts for publishing information directories and automotive application data into press-ready pages reduced cycle times in some cases from 90-120 days to less than five business days. Through 2007, our business evolved as the result of less demand for printed catalogs, more businesses choosing to handle their projects in-house, and an increased demand for digital services.

Today, we are independent agents for companies that provide provide marketing and sales technologies. The typical projects we work on are:
  • Prospecting and lead generation systems
  • Incentive programs for employees, customers, and channel organizations
  • Direct mail options with a digital strategy or component
  • Display network advertising, mobile campaigns, social media, and search engine optimization
We partner with best-in-class businesses for the services we provide. This allows us to be more comprehensive in helping you choose strategies to achieve your business objectives. We know that no single solution is right for everyone and that sometimes multiple strategies need to be deployed. We are always on the lookout for new ways we can help people and their organizations succeed.