SEO for Local Business

SEO for local business is the strategy for search engine optimization that is designed to help businesses rank higher in the local Google searches.

Local SEO is the strategy for search engine optimization that is designed to help your business rank higher in the local Google searches

Why is SEO for Local Business Important?

Since most small business consumers come from within a 10-15 miles radius, local SEO places emphasis on capturing online Google searches within that market area. For example, if you were a dentist in Chicago and your prospects in Chicago did a Google search for a “Chicago dentist” or “dentist near me” and they showed dentists nationally in other cities, how useful would that be? Part of a local SEO campaign would include the business geographic service radius and other information in an optimized Google Business Profile so a more useful search result is provided.

Concentrate On These Four Areas For SEO for Local Business

For a local business, there are four areas we concentrate on when creating a local SEO strategy.  They are:

What are the four tasks for local seo? 1. Industry specific approach 2. Local authoritative backlinks 3. High quality content 4.Technical optimizations

Industry Specific Approach

Consideration needs to be given for the type of business and market you serve to create the proper SEO strategy. For example, SEO services that are for a local service business would not be best served with a strategy designed for an e-commerce site. That is why we employ a customized industry specific approach to SEO. We help Google crawlers see your website as an authority in your industry and promote your web pages over your competitors.

Local Authoritative Backlinks

Backlinks are Google’s #1 ranking factor. Securing high-quality backlinks improves domain authority and the overall ranking potential of your website. We take into consideration where to link from, depending on your location or market reach, to help you be seen as a market leader and reputable source. For local businesses, we place emphasis on backlinks from local sources. 


High-Quality, Top-Ranking Content

Our 50+ US based editorial team members create high-quality optimized landing pages, blogs, and product descriptions that earn more keyword rankings, higher ranking positions, and more organic clicks.

Technical Optimizations

Optimized technical performance ensures page experience and load times meet Google’s standards. Pages that load slowly or do not work across browsers and platforms receive a page rank penalty from Google and potentially cost you site visits and customers.

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