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Build Relationships with Customers Using Social Media Platforms

Social media lets you engage an audience, connect with new people, and influence decision makers. It’s a great way to build ongoing relationships with your existing customers and find new clients. 

Many businesses set up a Facebook business page with the belief that “if we build it they will come” mindset. Small businesses began posting promotional offers like coupons and specials on a regular basis and found this strategy didn’t work. Like other forms of marketing, they quickly learned that social media marketing requires an investment in time and money, along with the right mix of posts that engage and posts that promote. 

To be successful, social media requires ongoing skilled management. Many Facebook business pages have been abandoned for that reason.

With over 2.74 billion people on Facebook, this social media marketing platform is hard to ignore. Social media marketing is also beneficial because users who see and like your message will often share it with their network. 

Another reason to use social media with Facebook is that it’s the #2 destination on the internet for online customer reviews.  It’s easy for customers to leave online reviews on Facebook to further boost word-of-mouth referrals. Potential customers are more likely to purchase a product or use a service if they see that other people have already reviewed it.  You’ll also get a boost for your SEO as well, since Google’s algorithm in the local search gives weight to the number of recent online reviews, positive ratings, and sources.  

With our social media management package, we take the work of creating and maintaining your social presence off your to-do list to quickly and easily help your business engage with new customers. Whether you are a B-B or B-C company, we have over 30 years experience working with both types of clients. We will build your social media programs with high-quality design and well-written copy to boost your online presence. 

Our social media management packages start at $499 monthly.

What you get:


Two weekly minimum. Includes content creation and stock or customer-supplied images. Engagement and promotional posting of specials and coupons.

  • Strategy session to start, 1 hr.
  • Social Media Accounts Connection
  • Business App Client Dashboard
  • Listing Builder
  • Customer Voice


Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If content is appropriate, we will post to LinkedIn and Instagram for no additional charge.

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